Sunday, May 9, 2010

Week 18-Boy or girl???

At the Doctor's Office about to go up for our appointment. Not a very good pic but oh well, it captured the moment.

This was such an exciting week for us because we found out that we are having a baby girl!! We had anticipated this ultrasound for quite some time and I could hardly function that day at work. I kept watching the clock, wishing the day would speed by so I could get to my appointment. I've never wanted to go to the doctor so bad in my entire life!

Waiting for the ultra sound to begin. Hurry it up already!

The technician was able to get good pictures of every inch of her body except the heart. She tried for a very long time but Caroline was curled tight and wouldn't budge so mommy was fed chocolate in hopes of stimulating her. Now that was a treat! The little booger still didn't cooperate well though. Dr. Rowe teased us by saying that we had a very strong willed child in the making. Uh-oh!

When we found out it was a girl we were completely shocked because for 18 weeks we were totally convinced we were having a boy. Not for any particular reason, we just had the feeling. We had even picked out a boy name and I had been on the internet looking at boy nurseries. We did all the silly gender predictor tests too and every one of them said boy, boy, boy! The night before our ultra sound we decided to do the ring test just for fun and it said girl. What??? Girl??? Nah....we were still feeling boy vibes. I really didn't care what our sweet baby was as long as he or she was healthy. I must admit that when I found out it was a girl I was soooooo excited! Caroline Grace Dowdy was on the way!

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