Friday, August 27, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We have finally made it home with our sweet little miracle baby. A miracle she truly is! I will post more on that later. I have been a busy new mommy, trying to adjust to having this tiny three pound bundle of joy to care for. We are on day 2 of being on our own with out the help of the wonderful NICU nurses who I now refer to as angels (because that's exactly what they are in my eyes) and things are going pretty well so far. Tomorrow I plan to add a ton of pictures from our NICU experience, that is if I'm able to keep my eyes open long enough to do so. Ha! I just wanted to put out a quick post to let everyone know we are home and Caroline is doing very well, despite a slight drop in her weight. We have been so blessed and can't thank our friends, family and even complete strangers for covering our little family in prayer. God has been so good to us. This tired mommy is heading bed but check back tomorrow for an update. God bless you all!


  1. GREAT news Amanda!!! Praise Praise :)

  2. Oh, we are so very happy for the three of you to be home! Caroline sounds like a little angel herself! God bless!