Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy One Month Birthday Caroline!

My Dear Sweet Caroline,

Today you are one month old! I can't believe that much time has already passed. Daddy and I love you so much and each day with you is a true blessing. You are such a good baby. You love to nurse so much that you fall right to sleep and mommy has a hard time waking you up. My favorite times with you are those middle of the night feedings when it is quiet and calm. I love to sit in the big green rocker in your nursery and sing you songs while you nurse. You love it too, even if mommy can't hold a tune to save her life! You love bath time. It relaxes you so much that you'd probably fall asleep if I'd let you. You don't like getting out of the water though. You've thrown a few big fits when it's time to dry you off.

(You are so tiny in your big green chair. Before I know it you'll be climbing in that seat asking me to read you a bed time story.)

You love skin to skin time, especially with your daddy. You two can sleep for hours together. You make the sweetest sounds when we snuggle with you. You sleep 3-4 hours at a time but would probably sleep longer if I didn't have to wake you to eat. You hardly ever cry. You love to be held and have become quite spoiled because mommy and daddy can't get enough hugs and kisses from you. (You were not too happy about having your picture taken today. I love this photo!)

You are wearing Preemie clothes but even they are a tad too big for your tiny little frame. You can even fit in to doll clothes. We have had a hard time finding socks to fit your itty bitty feet. You love tummy time but only if it's on daddy's chest. Although it breaks my heart when you are upset, you do have the sweetest little cry I've ever heard. You've developed a new cry over the last few days that is hysterical. Daddy and I can't help but giggle when you let it out. You love to be swaddled but usually have escaped and are stretched out all over your bassinet when I wake you. You like to swing, but only for about 10-15 minutes.

Daddy and I cherish every minute that we get to spend with you. You have made our family complete and our home is so happy with you in it.

Happy one month birthday my sweet baby! We love you so very much!

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