Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sweet Baby Girl!

Look who we got to see today! Isn't she PRECIOUS?!!

David and I got to meet our High Risk OB today and we were very pleased. Our pedi cardiologist recommended we start seeing Dr. Kirshon at St. Lukes (where I will deliver) for the remainder of my pregnancy and he was wonderful. He definitely scored some brownie points when he surprised us with a few 4D pictures of Caroline! Dr. Kirshon said Caroline's heart looked very good, despite the left side still being under developed. Aaaahhh....music to my ears! I will see Dr. Kirshon every two weeks from now on and then once a week near the end of my pregnancy. David and I feel confident that Caroline will be in good hands. I'm so happy that we got to see that sweet face for the first time. She has completely stolen our hearts!

Today marked week 29 of my pregnancy. Where has the time gone? Sometimes I wish I could slow it down a bit because I LOVE being pregnant but at the same time I am so ready to meet my sweet Caroline. She'll be here before I know it!

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